• Facility of places to stay may vary.
  • Remote places does not have facility more than basic.
  • If you want us to arrange some facility which is beyond availability, arrangement is not guaranteed and will be charged separately.
  • Accommodation cost varies season to season.
  • Offbeat places does not have much option for staying. So accommodation and related cost will vary based on early/late booking.
  • Where accommodation availability is very limited there big group of tourist are requested to kindly accept the allotments. Although we will try best allotments.
  • On cancellation request accommodation refund will be decided by actual accommodation provider (Hotel/Resort/Home Stay authority). Some of them do not have any cancellation or refund policy if availing date is close(less than a month).
  • For Hotel/Resorts, booking cancellation policy is completely decided by the respective authority. Minimum 30% will be deducted as cancellation charge of total booking amount, the charge will be increased based on the difference between cancellation and booking date.
  • In case of any unusual and exceptional circumstances during guest’s stay which is not related to services, will be decided and settled by Hotel authority.


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